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Farm Store

Please Note: All products presented here are items that we either own ourselves and/or we strongly endorse.  It’s our belief that you deserve to know why a product or service appears on our site.  If you should ever have an issue with anything purchased on our site, please be sure to let us know.  Although we can’t guarantee all purchases directly, we want our visitors to be satisfied with the items presented here.  The vendors we select have a reliable tract record of customer service. Please share your experiences with us…good, bad or otherwise!  That being stated…Thank You For Your Support!

Cheesemaking 101 – Online Video Series taught by Melissa herself – learn in the comfort of your own home.  Watch the videos online 24/7 .

Berkey Water FilterOur personal testimonial. We’ve owned our Berkey Light water filter for almost two years. The manufacturer promptly replaced a major component right at the end of the 12 month warranty period with no hassles. It’s portable, inexpensive and the water tastes awesome. Simply the best water filter we’ve ever owned.

Crisis Garden – Heirloom Seeds (No GMOs) As you many know we grow most of our own vegetables right here at Heart of the Garden Farm…however we’ve found it important to have a back up plan (and even if you weren’t born with a green thumb and you couldn’t even get a Chia Pet to sprout let alone grow a tomato plant, it makes sense to have seeds for possible barter?)

Emergency Food Storage – This is a 2-DVD set of instructions on food storage and preparations. The videos aren’t going to win any awards for production (as I can attest from watching them myself), however it also comes with a written guide which has very useful information. Food storage really should be considered an on-going process anyway and not just viewed as for “emergencies only”. It’s very economical and a great way to ensure high quality food availability whenever you want it at your fingertips…

Solar Power Generator – You don’t have to live in Florida like we do to benefit from solar energy. This handy backup power source taps into the sun’s energy and stores it in a battery array to provide power when the clouds aren’t cooperating. If you’re looking for something to power your entire household and get off the grid, this ain’t it, however it will give you enough juice to power a few small items when you need it most. Besides, it’s portable!